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My Songs.

Bernie Laverick and The Made In Hull Band went into the studio for two months last year to record ‘Another Day’, a collection of passionate and radical folk-rock songs that has created a huge amount of interest.


“...Another Day stands in the best tradition of British radical folk music. Its catchy tunes are instantly memorable and have a pop sensibility that disarms. But this belies a greater depth of lyric which challenges you to look at the world in a different light.” - The Socialist


“...One of the most notable things with Laverick’s song writing is how easily it all seems to come together – lines don’t seem just stung together, or strained, instead being easy and free-flowing and melody driven.”  - Ten Foot City Magazine


“...This is a real gem of an album from the skiffle of the opening track to the folk-driven power pop of ‘Light The Flame’. This is the sound of musicians delighting in the playing, and the uplifting songs of defiance.“ - Rock ‘n’ Reel Magazine


It’s folk and it’s rock, with some pop and skiffle thrown into the mix - and liberally lacquered with politically charged lyrics.

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